2 June
О чем говорили на Best Marketing Practices в рамках 17-го КМФР
31 May
Project The Book of Crimes 2014-2015 won a special prize from Epica Awards
27 May
17th KIAF present the results of the festival
20 May
Epica Awards at the 17th KIAF: Kyiv showcase of the best TV commercials of Epica Awards 2015 and bonus for participant of KIAF
18 May
International speakers on the Best Marketing Practices conference
12 May
Important information for international guests of the 17th KIAF
10 May
Statistic of the 17th KIAF
29 April
Jo Marie Farwick is the Jury Chairman of Film & Radio team of 17th KIAF
28 April
Tomorrow is the final deadline of the 17th KIAF for all entries
22 April
75 jury members from 33 countries of the world on 17th KIAF
21 April
One more week to complete your entries for KIAF
20 April
Chairman of Design & Branding jury will be from the UAE, Print & Publishing and Media jury from Italy
19 April
17th KIAF presents Jury Chairmen of OOH & Advertising Сampaigns and Digital & Mobile contests
15 April
Who will evaluate entries in Print&Publishing and Media contests at the 17th KIAF
14 April
Sergey Wenger is the Jury Chairman of Industry contest at the 17th KIAF
13 April
10 days before the deadline of 17th KIAF: why registration is not worth to delay on the last day
12 April
17th KIAF announced jury team of FILM & RADIO contests
8 April
Welcome to jury of DESIGN & BRANDING contest of 17th KIAF
7 April
Who entered to 10 jury of the Best Marketing Innovations 2016 contest
6 April
17th Kyiv International Advertising Festival presents jury of FILM CRAFT and BRANDED CONTENT & VISUAL STORYTELLING contests
31 March
Pavlo Tayanovskyy is the Jury Chairman of Best Marketing Innovations contest at the 17th KIAF
29 March
17th Kyiv International Advertising Festival presents jury of Digital & Mobile contest
25 March
In this year Best Marketing Innovations contest included in the contest program of 17th Kyiv International Advertising Festival
24 March
10 judges from 10 countries in OOH & ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS jury of the 17th KIAF
17 February
Attention! The start of the most objective advertising festival. Of course, it's 17th KIAF!