Contest categories


The vision and achievement of the direction. The jury will think about the translation of the creative brief through a director’s vision and how well that vision has been achieved. This will include the way that production elements (including casting, set design, sound design and cinematography) have been used to bring that vision to life.


The film’s script, as written. Analysis of the script will include dialogue, voice-overs, scene-setting, movement, actions and expressions. The jury will look at how successfully the script delivers on the creative idea and supports the final execution.


The quality and effect of the cinematography. The style, artistic choices, camerawork, cinematic techniques, shot composition, lighting and other effects will be considered.


The creative use of Sound Design within film advertising. Technical excellence in recording, mixing and the synthesis of samples and sound effects will be considered, along with the cohesion of the edit and its impact on the overall piece.


The use and aesthetic of animation in film advertising. All types of animation, including cel, stop-motion, graphic, silhouette and computer animation in 2D or 3D will be accepted.


The creation of film environments and other visual effects. The jury will consider the aesthetic and technical excellence of the effects themselves, along with the success of their integration in to real footage.

The aesthetic of the Production Design/Art Direction. This includes set design and location builds, as well as the overall look, feel and atmosphere of the piece. 

The technical and creative success of the edit. All aspects of the film’s edit will be considered, including timing, pace, visual dynamics, dialogue dynamics, sound integration and overall story-telling. 


Each advertisement constitutes one entry.

The same entry can be entered into any of the Craft categories.

Advertisements which form a campaign must be entered and paid for as single entries.

Please carefully check and re-check the credits you have entered. These credits will be published on our website exactly as you have typed them. Credits cannot be altered during judging.

It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances. 

Please ensure you do not refer to the name of your agency or any contributing creative companies anywhere on your submission materials with the exception of self-promotion.


Make sure that the version you have uploaded is final and it can be used for judging and shown publicly. 

Film are accepted as a link to YouTube or Vimeo. 

You should upload your film as MOV/MP4 file to YouTube/Vimeo. Please note the file size should be no bigger than 350MB.

It is in your interests to provide the jury with a high quality file version of your film.

No agency branding or any contributing creative companies/people must be visible on the entry (e.g. logos, credits etc.) except for self-promotion entries.

All films should have 1/2 second black before and after the entry.

Films must be submitted as they originally aired and in the original language. You are required to subtitle entries in English (for non-English language entries) so that they can be more easily understood by the jury. 

Dubbing is not accepted, all visible speech must be subtitled.

We do accept translated voiceovers. If you are submitting a subtitled version, you must ensure that the script used is identical to the original ad. It is not permissible to substitute names, places or events for ones more relevant to an English-speaking audience.

Cultural Context: If your idea relies on an idea that is culturally specific, we strongly advise you to include a slate at the beginning of the reel. It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances.

For films over 3 minutes we require a 60 second edit.

You may also supply case film as additional supporting material. Provide case films only to show production processes.

Encoding standards:

It is strongly recommended that you submit your film in 16:9 format.

Encoding mode: multi-pass dimensions are recommended.

 MOV/H.264   MP4/H.264
4:3 or 16:9720x576720x576
HD 720p1920x1080 1920x1080


1-5 entries:  1800 UAH / 5200 RUB / 60 EUR / 1400000 BYR

6 and more entries:  1500 UAH / 4300 RUB /  50 EUR / 1150000 BYR

Please pay attention, prices are not include taxes.


April 22, 2016